2018 NSBB HR Derby

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Welcome to the NSBB HR Derby Wiki!
Welcome to the official wiki for the Home Run Derby that is run over at Northside Baseball's Forum! This is the new place to find out everything you need to know about the current season's game.

For all HR Derby players, I have added an extra column that shows each player's Projected HRs for 2018. This number has been provided by Baseball Reference.
You can use this extra data, when selecting your team, or you can use your gut feeling. I just wanted people to have more information at their fingertips.

In addition to sorting out last year's players into the regular groups of A, B, C, and D; I have added some resource information to help you in selecting your Wild Card player.

What I have done for this season, in an effort to avoid everyone picking the same “obvious” person, is give you resources to do your own research. Last season, the majority picked Schwarber because he was back from injury.
This season, I sense most will pick Ohtani. If that is the way the picks come in, then so be it, but I would like to think most people would see the error in that thinking, and go for someone that they did some research on.

The only "resource" I have not put together and shared, are minor leaguers who lead Triple-A in Home Runs that may or may not have a MLB roster spot this season.

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